Davis pursues martial arts

Seth Hudgins, staff writer

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In his spare time, freshman Cameron Davis focuses on improving his skills in Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

 “I’ve always watched UFC [Ultimate Fighting Championship] and wanted to know how to submit people like they do so I decided to learn,” Davis said.
Davis gets his training from Relson Gracie Jui Jitsu Academy of Tyler.
“Jui Jitsu is a form of martial arts that emphasizes grappling and submissions. No punching,” he said.
Along with Davis, Brett Fowler pursues his interest in this form of martial arts.
“It interests me because its something that most people don’t know how to do and can help you in a competition or self defense,” Davis said.
Davis has competed in a Jui Jitsu tournament and placed second in both the gi and no gi  part of the tournament. A gi is a type of clothing you wear and compete in.
“My favorite part of the tournament was submitting someone with a Kimora while I had him in a reverse triangle,” he said.
Davis plans on pursuing this and entering more tournaments to make himself a more well rounded MMA fighter.
“My least favorite part was my first match,” he said. “I gained points for taking him down but he held me in his guard and got points and he won by points which isn’t really fun.”
Cameron takes the time to learn different moves and variations to improve his ability and skills. His favorite move is the arm bar.
“The arm bar is my favorite move because you can do it in many situations,” he said. “Especially if you are in a full mount.”
The guillotine choke happens to be his least favorite move for a couple reasons.
“The guillotine is my least favorite basically because I never choke anyone with it but I always get choked by it,” he said.
Davis is motivated by UFC fighters that are specialized in Jui Jitsu. Joe Lauzon and Demian Maia in particular.
“I try to improve myself by learning something new every time I go to my Jui Jitsu classes,” he said.
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Davis pursues martial arts