Stehman believes in his team

Seth Hudgins, Sports Editor

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Varsity baseball starter, freshman Brayden Stehman gets the opportunity to play the sport that he loves everyday with his teammates that he loves.

“I’ve played ever since I could pick up a baseball. I was rolling when I was one,” Stehman said.

Stehman gets his inspiration from professional players like Adrian Beltre of  the Texas Rangers.

“It’s cool to see how they handle different situations, they make it look so easy,” he said.

Stehman hopes to hit over .300 this season so he can help his team in anyway.

“I’m expecting the team to go to playoffs,” he said. “I want to know what it feels like to be in that atmosphere.”

Stehman enjoys the team because they are funny and energetic.

“They always make me laugh,” he said. “I can be down and they are always there to pick me up.”

Stehman enjoys the sport because there is nothing like it. Nothing gives him the feeling that baseball does.

“It feels good to know I’m apart of a team like this,” he said. “We play for each other and have each others backs.”

Stehmans parents are always there for him. They motivate him and push him to improve each day. He improves his abilities by practicing everyday.

“Throughout the season, I’ve made my mistakes, but overall I think I have done pretty good,” he said.

Stehman has played select baseball for the East Texas Red Sox out of Lindale for about four years.

“I love select. It gives me the oppertunities to go to new places and meet new people,” he said.

Stehman plays right field for varsity, but has been in the outfield for four years. He enjoys that position because that is where he feels most comfortable.

“Sometimes, during big games I get nervous because I know I have to do good,” he said.

In this district, any team can win any game. It just comes down to whoever wants it more.

“Other teams were pretty good. We just have to execute and make our plays and we will be fine,” Stehman says.

Stehman knows the team has their ups and downs, but believes that they are a good team with great potential.

“It feels good to know that I can play with guys older than me,” he said. “I handle it by knowing that baseball isn’t about size, but more mentality.”

Stehuman hopes to go play college baseball for A&M, but will go wherever he can play. However, before doing so he plans on winning state some where in his high school career.

“I know the kids on this team have the potential to go all the way. We may be young, but we all love the game and have the same goals,” Stehman said.



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Stehman believes in his team