Catron takes it to the next level

Seth Hudgins, Sports Editor

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Catcher and senior, Morgon Catron, plans on making her last softball season memorable by winning state.

“I was four when I started playing T-Ball; I started playing competitively when I was seven,” Catron said.
Catron has played in several other positions, but catcher has been the primary position for a while.
“I’ve caught since I was 11 but I’ve only caught in high school for three years,” she said.
She finds joy in the position because of its constant involvement in the game throughout all seven innings.
“My earliest memory of playing softball is when I played T-Ball and I absolutely hated it,” she said. “I never wanted to go play, I wanted to dance instead. Its kind of funny actually.”
Morgon has high expectations for the team to win state and has had these expectations since she moved here.
“The season has been fun so far,” she said. “We have had some rough times but we are working hard and turning out to be a great team who will be hard to beat.”
Going and watching team U.S.A play inspired Morgon to work hard and be the player she is today.
“When I was little, I had the dream of playing for Team USA and winning an Olympic Gold Medal,” she said.
Catron always tries her best to keep and positive attitude and work hard to be the best she can be. In doing so, she does the best she can to make her team better.
“When people tell me that I can’t do something, or I’m not good enough, it motivates me to work even harder more than anything,” she said.
Catron has played for a few different teams. Her freshman year she played for Gilmer and ever since she’s played for Mineola. Through all of that her dad has always been there to coach her.
“My dad has always been my coach and my biggest supporter,” Catron said.
Catron will be going to McNeese State University to play softball.
“I am crazy excited to play college softball,” she said. “It has always been my dream to play at the next level, and it came true.”
Morgon has taken many things from the sport of softball. It has taught her to “never quit even when your down. You never know what could happen.”
“I expect college softball to teach me different aspects of the game I don’t know about, and how to always trust my teammates and never give up on yourself,” she said.
Catron takes the expectations the city puts on the team as a positive because she hates it when people say that can’t. That only pushes her to prove them wrong. To meet those expectations, Van seems that they would be the team to beat.
“It’s always a toss up between us. We are both very talented teams and its always a great matchup,” she said.
“The team is looking pretty good. People have had a lot of doubts about this season and I can’t wait to prove them wrong and show them that we are just as good as we were in the past, if not better,” Catron said.
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Catron takes it to the next level