Perkins works out at APEC

Sydnie Bell, staff writer

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Some athletes think they are competitive and some athletes work to be competitive. Chantz Perkins works out four or more hours four days a week after school in Tyler at APEC.

“APEC is where I go to work on my speed, strength, and agilities,” Chantz said.

Working out on a daily basis Perkins enjoys the endurance that he applies to his workouts. During his workouts he never really knows what he will be doing that day. Perkins wants to do whatever God has in plan for him to make himself a better athlete.

“I love working out. God gave me my athletic ability for a reason so I’m going to do whatever I can do to make myself better,” Perkins said. “When I go to APEC I do lots of variations f drills, workouts, and weights.”

Perkins has only been at APEC for two seasons because they only allow you to workout during your offseason. He is trying to become a part of #TEAMAPEC. Perkins is dedicated to what he loves without a role model.

“Being a part of #TEAMAPEC means that you are dedicated athlete and that you want to succeed to the next level of the sport you train and compete in,” Perkins said. “In my sports life I do not have a role model because I do not idealize athletes since everyone is competition.”

APEC contacted Perkins after his seventh grade year playing football at Tyler Grace. He has been training for football and track since then, so he can accomplish his goals before his senior year of high school.

“I want to be an All-State football player by senior year and run a 4.32 40 yard dash,” Perkins said.

Perkins working out at APEC has helped him advance his athletic ability. He is improving to accomplish his goals and possibly make it to college or even a pro athlete sport.

“I try to inspire people to join APEC because I believe that it is the best place to work out at,” Perkins said. “If you are trying to make it to a college level or setting your mind to making it to the pros, then APEC is the way to go 100 percent. The best place and the best trainers are there.”

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Perkins works out at APEC