Tresca on Trump

Anthony Tresca, staff writer

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Donald Trump can be described as many things; billionaire, social media star, celebrity,  and business man, but he could never be described as presidential. And yet Donald Trump is currently leading the Republican’s poll numbers with 32 percent of voters.

When Donald Trump (or as his fans call him, “The Donald”) first announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015 it was almost immediately dismissed by the press as a joke campaign. The Guardian (respected British news company) went as far as to say that they would not publish anything about Donald Trump under their political section, but instead under the entertainment section. So it was much to the surprise of everyone when it has been months since “The Donald” announced his campaign and he is still leading the poll numbers.

Why is this? Why the continual love for a man who would most certainly run our country into the ground? Donald Trump has no political background, he’s racist, sexist, and during debates is a frequent bully.

The fact alone that he has never held any kind of government office should be enough to discount him from the race, he has no experience in government, and yet there are many who want to elect him to our nation’s highest position. This would be as absurd as if when my toilet broke I decided to call a gardener to come fix it, the gardener is not qualified to fix my toilet, just like Donald Trump is not qualified to run this country.

His use of brash political tactics has made him the media’s darling, they all just can’t wait for the next stupid thing Trump will say, and it seems, so is America. The American people have gotten so wrapped up in the media superstar Donald Trump, they are willingly looking over the facts. They see what they want to see, and what they see is a man (possibly from one of their favorite reality TV shows) who is willing to speak his mind. But in all actuality, he is a conniving business man, who is willing to say or do whatever it takes to get into power.

I’ll give Donald this, he is good at what he does, and if that’s what society wants, then they deserve everything that is coming to them. This is the age of reality TV and social media stars, but I never thought society would blur the lines between celebrity and reality when it comes to a presidential candidate. Because, while Trump’s flashy campaign and brash political tactics make for an amusing headline, this is not the type of behavior that is suitable for the president.

But, as of right now it seems as though many Americans disagree with me, and they would like to have Trump in office. If this is what people really want, then they deserve the type of trouble and headaches that Trump will certainly bring to this country.

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Tresca on Trump