Preserve the preserve; don’t allow gun club move

Austin Witt

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A man and his son are wandering down one of the nature preserves’ many paths talking about the challenges of becoming a man. They continue down the tranquil tattered trail only to find more natural serenity until an abrupt, sheering crack of a rifle interrupts the mood. Several others follow this shot. Each one grows more distracting than the last.

The experiences like this are what make a shooting range near the nature preserve a bad idea. The city council should vote against the newly proposed location for the gun club. The club should not be near the Mineola Nature Preserve.

There aren’t many people who want to go to the preserve to be in the presence of nature’s wholeness and its sounds plus a couple of gun shots in the background. That would be a contradiction of the essence and even the purpose of a nature preserve; which is to observe the concomitants of undisturbed nature including sight, smell, feelings, and yes, sound. Of all things, a gunshot does not coincide with the bird’s chirps and leaves rustling in the wind.

It is understandable that the club needs to relocate and the landfill area, which is worthless, would make a good spot. However, there are plenty of solutions that don’t involve the detrimental disruption of the nature preserve.

There is a compromise that can be found but the city council should not budge on denying this particular location. Moving the shooting club to this spot will kill the beloved peace that people have cherished for so long. The city council should vote no to the relocation of the club near the preserve.

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Preserve the preserve; don’t allow gun club move