Keep the fireworks show at the Civic Center

Jade Green

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Beautiful trees, quiet wind, and peaceful animals until…..razzle, dazzle, pop! Fireworks shoot into the sky and suddenly the Nature Preserve is no longer

the same.


The city council should vote no to relocating the annual July 4th firework show to the nature preserve at their next meeting.


The firework show should not be moved to the nature preserve because the city

would risk harming the animals and scaring them off. A preserve is not a preserve

without the peaceful animals.


The city wants to relocate the firework show to use this as a practice to help prepare

the preserve for the Kasey Musgraves convert that will be held there in September.

However, the danger it would put the animals in and the possibility of left over trash

all over the preserve, it just would not be the same.


Therefore, the city council should oppose the relocation of the firework show to the

nature preserve. In order to ensure that the animals will not disappear, due to the

loud noises. The animals should be kept out of harms way.


With keeping the firework show at the civic center the nature preserve will stay a safe, peaceful, and clean environment for everyone to enjoy, including the wildlife.

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Keep the fireworks show at the Civic Center