Hudgins on long-distance sisters

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Sisters, they eat all the food, hog the bathroom, take up space, fill the trash cans, and make everything so dang difficult. You get frustrated with them and begin to hate hearing about their drama. You have to sit through hours of shopping for girly clothes, just dreaming about the day you have your own car and can drive wherever you want to go. Sometimes, your sisters even tie you to the dresser with a belt if you get annoying enough. But after all those years of dealing with it, you start to appreciate the time that you do have with them before they go off to college.

For me, both of my sisters are out of state. One is in Arkansas and the other is in California. Yes, California, some 1,4oo miles away. When I was younger,[a year ago] I was obnoxious and a brat. Probably haven’t changed too much since then, but I sure have learned to appreciate sisters a lot more than I used to. I felt like they always got their way because they were older. They never have to do yard work, or any manual labor. It gets frustrating, but then you realize that if you respect a women, you do that stuff for them.

I always count down the days until I get to be reunited with my sisters, now that I’m older and more understanding. Goodbyes get harder and hellos get even better. You realize its finally time for you’re sisters to move on with their lives. You want to be proud of them, but at the same time, you want them home so you can make up for all of the lost time. I have one sister pursuing her acting career, who you should be seeing on television soon, and one playing college softball. I couldn’t be more proud to say that I am their family.

The good thing about having girls in the family, is that they can give you relationship advice. I know how girls want to be treated. Im not so great at it yet, but I’m working on it. I’ve heard their sad stories and learned from their relationship issues at the time. Furthermore, they are always good with telling me what not to do and telling me what to do. They slap me when I’m sad and tell me to get over it. It always seems to work.

One of the best feelings is looking in the stands, and seeing my sisters sitting there clapping for me while I’m on the baseball field. I want to make them proud and I want to jump on the opportunity that they are there. Whatever the outcome, they are always there after to give me a big hug and tell me they love me.

When sisters can drive, and you don’t get on their nerves, they take you to get ice cream and go to the movies. It’s a pretty fun experience. I would highly suggest you try getting a sister. The past two years, we have had a midnight Christmas run to the nearest gas station because there is no food in the house and we are as hungry as Santa’s reindeer at the end of the Christmas night run.

I learn something from each sister all the time. It’s always something different. They both love me and give me great advice that gets my through my rough situations. I can call them anytime and I know that they will help me. A great thing about it is that they will tell me the truth, slap me if I need to be slapped, and hug me if I need to be hugged.

Sisters may start off bad and annoying, but in the end, when you get older, you start to appreciate them in every little way possible. They become fun and exciting. They help you out and give you awesome stories in the future. You learn to love them and enjoy every minute you have with them. It becomes extremely better once you finally understand.

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Hudgins on long-distance sisters