‘Can’t wait for summer’

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When the weather grew warmer, I grew happier. The warm weather meant summer was around the corner. I can’t wait to get out of school and hangout with my friends, swim, more baseball, and a vacation.

Summer is exciting. Summer feels amazing. The warm weather hitting my face, the night breezes make it feel even better. The hot, fiery sun, blasting its rays on me can be a drag, but I’d rather it be hot than cold. I’d rather it be hot because I can always go outside and play without freezing, and it’s a good way to sweat off calories.

Summer looks like green, long grass, trees blooming and flowers looking pretty. The water starts to get clear and warmer. People mow their grass to make it short and pretty.

Running and diving into the pool just makes summer even more great. Going swimming at the lake, or going on vacation and swimming at the beach, or hanging out. Friends just make summer even better. I can’t wait.


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‘Can’t wait for summer’