From 2012: Heard ‘those three little words’

Sophia Heard

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St. Valentine’s Day, commonly known as Valentines Day, is a day of love. As everyone knows love comes with a price. That very price is determined by the little tag or sticker on each present picked for your special someone or the amount of effort behind the gift.

Some enjoy Valentines Day while others just can’t stand the mushy cards and bright eyes of couples around them. One thing that many can agree on is the difficulty of picking out that present for their girlfriend or boyfriend.

Guys seem to have more trouble with this dilemma than most. What guys need to know is that women want you to pick out the present. If that weren’t  important then women would just pick out their own present and slip you the bill.

Money, money, money!  That seems to be the heat of the problem. The amount you spend on your girl’s gift is the amount in your wallet or in some cases your mom’s wallet. Another thing a guy should understand is that if a girl really likes you she won’t care about the numbers.

A guy should get a girl something she can wear or keep. Even though roses are lovely, they eventually die and they are really expensive too.   Girls like to have something to remember you by.  Something that they might even get to show off a little like a piece of jewelry or a cute fuzzy stuffed animal.

If your budget is tight then you don’t need to go all out, just get something meaningful.   Think about those times when you watched a movie together that you both enjoyed or songs that you’ve listened to together.   If you’re a hopeless romantic you could make a CD with both of your favorite songs.  The more creative the more it can mean.   Anything you come up with that you put thought into will make your girl happy.

However, if it gets to Feb. 13 and you are completely at a loss about what to give remember what most every girl wants to hear are those three little words…”here’s some chocolate!”

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From 2012: Heard ‘those three little words’