Hudgins on Thanksgiving

Tristan Mosher

Seth Hudgins

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SethSome people look forward to the pies and food, I look forward to the football and family. The trees start to adapt to the new weather and the leaves start to fill the yard. Football in Grandma’s yard, while trying to get the dads to come be all-time quarterbacks is what I look forward to the most.

Every year at around Thanksgiving, I think about seeing my sisters soon and getting the opportunity to get on their nerves. I think about the fun family time and the jokes that will be thrown around. My grandma’s turkey and my momma’s macaroni stuffs my plate and mouth every year. I look forward to seeing my cousins and other family members that I don’t remember until Thanksgiving day. The creepy uncles, the loud aunts, that’s what I love the most.

Usually my Thanksgiving day starts off with the Turkey Trot in Tyler. It’s a 5k that the family enjoys running. It makes us feel better about ourselves so we don’t get mad at ourselves for eating so much. Then we go home and get ready to go to who I like to call, “Mamaw” and “Papaw’s” house. Football is already on and I can hear my grandpa and uncles arguing about a blown call or something that really made them mad. I then think to myself, the Cowboy game hasn’t even started.

My grandma is still cooking even though there seems to be no more room on the counter, but she finds a way and boy does it taste amazing. I usually get my food and eat with my cousins. Sadly, for the past couple years one of them has been gone to the deer lease leaving me alone to play football with nobody but my Grandma’s dogs, until they get tired, then I’m alone. The ladies then gather around the table and look at catalogs for Christmas presents while all of the men gather in the living room to watch the Cowboys play. It’s the same stuff every year.

Gas. Yelling. Snoring.

That’s what I enjoy as weird as it sounds. It’s just family being family. We are comfortable around each other. We laugh, yell and play. My sisters are home and the family is complete. It’s one of the best times of the year. We place bets on who’s going to win the Cowboy game, only to find the one person that is against them and will rag on them the whole game.

Later that afternoon, we go to another Thanksgiving at my Muti’s house. We usually can’t eat as much, but we still get to spend time with the other half of the family. There we see people we hardly every get to see and we pick on each other and get picked on. I’m the youngest one at this Thanksgiving except the babies, but they don’t really qualify in my book.

Thanksgiving is just a time of thanks, family and food. We make new memories and relive old ones. It’s something to look forward to each year.


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Hudgins on Thanksgiving