Science students to travel to Nacogdoches

Neal Warnick, staff writer

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   Leaving school at 6:58 a.m., Friday, May 13, students will travel to Stephen F. Austin State University to take a 100-question biology test. The students will return at 4:58 p.m. the same day.

  In order to attend, a student must get a form from science teacher Bruce Armstrong. He said that any student who is passing and made last year’s requirement may attend this trip. The requirement was to take longer than 40 minutes on the test and make above a 21.

“Take your time and do well,” senior Noah Talburt said.

   After the test, students will be able to eat and walk around the college campus where they can see lab rooms with professors, equipment and experiments. Students are taking the test to participate in a competition and to be in a college environment.

   “You can’t study, you have to go in and answer the question with the knowledge you have,” sophomore Brittany Witt said.

   Students have been taking the test 11 years and have won third five times and second once. A few people have won honorable mentions and one student won second place a few years ago.

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Science students to travel to Nacogdoches