Dievendorf returns to MHS theater

Anthony Tresca, staff writer

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Mineola has put the “D” back in drama by hiring alumni Terri Dievendorf. She’s excited to be home and is fired up about her alma mater.

“I returned to teach at Mineola because Mineola is my home,” Dievendorf said. “I am very excited to being teaching here again, because I love everyone here and I love teaching theater.”

Walkmans are no longer the craze, but when Dievendorf was in school they were the hottest items on the market. This is just one of the many things that was popular when Dievendorf graduated in 1983.

“Back when I was in school the cassette tapes, were a new and amazing invention to us all,” said Dievendorf. “Perms were also extremely popular, and girls were winging their hair.”

When Dievendorf was in school she participated in many of the same extracurricular activities that Mineola still has today.

“When I was at Mineola I participated in the band, flag corps, DECA, and the National Honor Society,” Dievendorf said.

Many of the teachers that roamed the halls when Dievendorf was a students have long since retired, but the memories she has with her favorite teachers will remain at Mineola forever.

“One of my favorite teachers had to be Manuel De La Rosa, he was the band director, he just made band so much fun,” Dievendorf said. “My other favorite was my DECA teacher Lou Wagner, she just helped me so much. I will treasure these two forever.”

It wasn’t all work and school for Dievendorf, she knew how to have fun.

“One of the most popular places to hang out was Bertie’s Fun Center, which used to be across from Brookshire’s,” Dievendorf said. “Another popular place was a parking lot that used to be between Mineola Community Back and the insurance place, but my personal favorite spot had to be the bowling alley, I had so much fun there.”

Although no one gets to live in the town they grew up in, Dievendorf has been lucky enough to get to come back and see how the town has changed.

“The most obvious aesthetic change to the town has been the building of the stadium,” said Dievendorf. “The town has definitely grown, and the school has gotten slightly larger, but even though Mineola has grown bigger the traditions that made Mineola great still stand strong. The changes have only made Mineola better.”

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Dievendorf returns to MHS theater