Haywood dedicates talent to music

Steven Le, staff writer

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With his French horn in hand, freshman Brennon Haywood goes to band practice every morning at 7:45 a.m. He has been a part of the band since the sixth grade.

“Being in band has been a great experience because of the people around me everyday. They push me to continue and help me improve all the time,” Haywood said.

Not only does Haywood practice in the morning, he looks at his music sheets between classes and practices his fingers to memorize the notes so that he can play them on his actual instrument.

“Being in band has not only taught me how to play an instrument, it has

also taught me to stay in step, which is something I can use in other situations.” he said.

If the French horn wasn’t an option, Brennon also has an interest in the trumpet.

“I just think it’s an interesting instrument to learn. I like the way it sounds, too,” Brennon said.

He said that although his marching needs improvement, he is willing to keep practicing till he is better than others and will keep practicing until the end of his senior year.

“I’m extremely competitive, so my goal is to be better than others at various things. I think that this mindset is an ideal one if you’re in band,” Haywood said. “Band isn’t difficult at all. You just have to work hard and expect greatness in return.”

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Haywood dedicates talent to music