White wanted to be a teacher

A.T. Stanford, staff writer

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Lori White, a graduate of MHS, continues to teach at Mineola Primary School.

“At first I was Lori Perkins. But soon after I moved down here I was introduced to Kevin White during high school. Who soon became my husband,” she said.

White moved to Mineola from Oklahoma City. She was a 1983 graduate and then went off to East Texas State University college for two years.

“When I found out we were moving from a big AAAA school to a little town in Texas I was mad. I didn’t think I would like living in a small town. Turns out that I loved it! I liked knowing everyone and only having about 20 students per class. It was a lot easier to get around,” Mrs. White said.

Even though she moved from a big town place, she began to love the small town of Mineola.

“When I first moved to Mineola one of my friends, the first person I met, introduced me to him at the ball park. We started talking and later began dating. We dated throughout high school and we were high school sweet hearts,” the teacher said.

Not only was she a high school sweetheart, but she was in band.

“I wasn’t really the athletic type but I was good at band. I played the clarinet and the saxophone,” Mrs. White said.

She mentions that she remembers being the homecoming queen her senior year. She is also still friends with people she was friends with in high school.

“When I was younger, I wanted to become a teacher. So I went to college to be a teacher. I wanted to be a teacher because growing up I had amazing teachers that inspired me and helped me. I want to be just like them, and I wanted to get my summers off like they do,” the mother of three said.

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White wanted to be a teacher