Family affair: Brannan plans on music major

Lexi Newell, staff writer

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Students who watch halftime this football season heard freshman Randi Brannan’s saxophone solo during the performance of the song “Sky Fall” by Adele.

“I first attended Mineola at the start of eighth grade. It was a great experience for me and my family,” the freshman said.

Even though she spends many hours perfecting her skills on the saxophone, she is an all A student and takes advanced track courses. She hopes to be in the top ten and make good grades so she can attend a prestigious college.

“Being in the top ten would be an honor. The easiest class in which I excel this year is U.S. History and I enjoy all my teachers and learn a lot. It’s definitely different than middle school. An accomplishment I have for this year would definitely be to make the best grades I can, and make all region band,” she said.

Outside of school the musician enjoys many activities including water activities, special effects makeup and of course, playing her saxophones. She has a tenor sax and an alto sax.

“I love swimming and riding my jet skis, it’s very relaxing. I like to do special effects makeup, like zombies. When I see the finished result, I feel artistic in a different way other than music. For me, music is my escape. Playing my saxophone is something I would choose over almost anything else,” she said.

Brannan has been playing sax for over three years. She has attended band camps and takes daily lessons to help perfect her ability. Her transition from Queen City to Mineola was a big one, but she is happy they moved and glad for all the new friends she has made.

“I lived in Queen City since I was one year old. I was in their band for two years, but honestly, I enjoy it more here. It’s different because the kids here have better attitudes and work harder. It’s a much better atmosphere and I’m glad my siblings can be raised here,” she said.

She has three siblings, 11-year-old twins Toni and Bayleigh and an eight-year-old brother, Cody. Both her parents, Monica Brannon and Chris Brannon work at high school. Monica Brannon is an Algebra I and II teacher and Mr. Brannon is the head band director.

“Most of the time I enjoy having them here, but then sometimes I don’t,” she said.

She likes band so much that she hopes to major in music and saxophone performance. Even someday, she hopes to become a band director.

“Starting my marching band experience here in Mineola was one of the best decisions ever. I cannot imagine doing this without the support and dedication of this school and town,” she said.

The band earned first divisions at every competition during the fall semester.

“I have enjoyed this experience so much it’s been amazing,” she said. “When I perform my solo I can’t even explain it. It gives me a rush and it’s one of the best feelings ever. I am blessed to have this ability to play saxophone and the beautiful sounds that are right there at my fingertips, and I can do it with my band family.”

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Family affair: Brannan plans on music major