Robertson teaches, preaches through decades

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Uris Robertson balances his time being a preacher and an algebra teacher.

“I teach Algebra 1, Math Plus and AQR. I’ve taught in many different places. I’ve taught in East Africa, Huston, taught my own private school, Cleveland, and New York City,” said Robertson.

Robertson has taught for 45 years and preached for 35 years. He tries to teach and preach the best he can.

“When I teach I like to have fun with the students. Make it where the students don’t want to go to sleep on me,” said Robertson.

Robertson went to college at Texas College, Texas A&M, Columbia and Syracuse.

“I do more teaching than I do preaching, but I do my best to help others with daily life, too,” said Roberston.

Robertson plans on staying in the teaching business until he dies. He says that he loves working as a teacher.

“I wanted to teach because I always wanted to do something I liked. My grandma and coaches helped me realize what I wanted to do,” Robertson said.

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Robertson teaches, preaches through decades