Dossett leads through agricultural education

Hannah Meason

Hannah Meason, Assistant Editor

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Beloved by his students past and present, Glen Dossett makes a difference in the lives of students through agricultural education. The crown jewel of his career is his FFA program. Dossett has been a sponsor for 47 years. The highlights of that career being: a national president, national officer candidate, four state officers, and several area and district officers; all of whom he has sponsored.

“I like the leadership aspect of it; conventions, contests, officer experience. It’s good to compete with fellow schools. I enjoy watching students grow and develop.” Dossett said.

Dossett’s FFA career began in 1960, sponsored by Lester Cole a former MHS ag teacher. He believes that his ag teacher, Lester Cole,  and math teacher, Don Phillips, impacted him most in high school. Dossett, like Cole and Phillips before him, is now using teaching to impact young people.

” I like to watch kids grow. Watching someone like Rocio Marinez, who went from doing nothing to doing everything she could.”

He and Nelda Shipp (co- ag teacher), expect and encourage kids to participate and pursue excellence. The chapter participates in every facet of the program. These include competitions that challenge the students in problem solving, speaking ability and overall leadership (Leadership Development Events) equipping students to one day enter and succeed in the competitive job market.

Also career-based competitions that expose students to every facet of the agricultural world and its opportunities. Mineola attends conventions of the district, area, and state level.

” FFA is like a cafeteria line, you can get what you want. You are your own limiting factor,” Dossett said.

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Dossett leads through agricultural education