Fierro ‘called’ to missions in South America

Seth Hudgins, Sports Editor

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While many teachers look forward to a long break and relaxation, Basilio Fierro travels the world spreading the Gospel. The veteran Spanish teacher spends his summer being a missionary.

“I do mission trips because there’s a calling to missions that everybody must answer to sooner or later,” Fierro said.

Fierro has been a missionary for 20 years and has been to places as big as Mexico City, which has 25 million people. He attends Lake Fork Baptist Church.

“It’s a very rewarding and exciting thing to do,” he said. “I’m always ready to go back.”

Fierro has stayed in conditions that range form a nice hotel to a hard floor.

“Sometimes I’ll sleep on a floor, others in a nice comfy hotel. Others are just a small bed and a cold shower,” he said.

Fierro got a heart for ministry in 1982. He was led by mission trips. One particular in Juarez, Mexico.

“The greatest thing to see on a mission trip, is someone coming to see Christ,” he said.

Missionary trips take much planning. Planning in which he does not enjoy.

“I used to drive to get there, but now I fly,” Fierro said. “Usually, the first thing I do when I get there is meet the people I’m going to work with.”

He hopes to make an impact on his students so that they come to realize that missions is a calling and that there is a God who loves them.

“He has inspired me by the fact that he keeps going back,” senior Rhett Self said.

Fierro said that the greatest trip he ever went on was to Acapulco Mexico.

“I took 16 college students from SFA, drove three days to set up an orphanage,” he said. “The chemistry of the students was just perfect.”

Fierro plans a South American summer traveling to Argentina, Peru, Columbia and Ecuador.

“Mission trips help people spiritually, sometimes physically and health wise, emotionally,” he said. “Some people make new friends and it gives them the opportunity to learn about different cultures.”

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Fierro ‘called’ to missions in South America