Ellis finds music passion

Tristan Mosher

Tristan Mosher, Editor-in-Cheif

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Danielle Ellis has a musical side to her outgoing personality.

Ellis started playing guitar last year and has discovered she has a passion for music. Ellis taught herself to play guitar using online resources such as YouTube, how to videos, guitar apps, and a few more.

“I have always been very interested in music, I received my First Act guitar for Christmas one year, but only knew a few chords up until she developed a deep passion for it around two years ago. From then on, I’ve played on a Fender, everyday.”

Ellis doesn’t perform very often because of self confidence.

“My performing is mainly to God through worship at church,” Ellis said.

Ellis has publicly performed in plays for the Children’s Miracle Network..

“I started writing songs when I was super broken in my faith, like I mentioned before, I’ve always had a passion for music but I also have a burning passion for God, so I just mixed the two and added a little bit of emotions,” she said.

Ellis periodically performs for her youth group at church.

“It’s an awesome experience,” the junior said.

She believes her career is based on what God wants to do for her. She feels as if she has a calling to go into nursing and missions work with children.

She added that she would definitely be singing and playing her guitar for the children while she worked in missions.

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Ellis finds music passion