Biology major shares enthusiasm for learning

Seth Hudgins, Sports Editor

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Being a 14-year educator here at Mineola High School, Bruce Armstrong does his best to improve students’ knowledge and build it each day.

“I’ve been a teacher for 33 years and spent some of those years in Lewisville school district,” he said.

Armstrong teaches biology and earned his degree from Tarleton State where he majored in biology and minored in physical education. He has also taught Integration of  Physics and Chemistry.

“I enjoy teaching biology because it’s basically life,” he said. “It deals with living things.”

Armstrong feels very fortunate that each day he can give the students something to do and a large majority do it.

“The year is very productive so far because when I ask kids to do something, they do it,” he said.

Coming into the year, Armstrong wanted to create an environment where kids are willing to ask questions and step out of their comfort zones.

“The best part about teaching is seeing a kid improve,” he said.

Armstrong feels that one of his best teaching qualities is his enthusiasm.

“I try to use things in life that kids can relate to so the lesson will get across to them easier,” he said.

He was inspired by his old football coach and his coach’s wife to become a teacher.

“I looked at their lives and it looked fun and productive,” Armstrong said.

The highlight of his year has been the labs that the class participates in and not having to force anybody to work.

“The year has been great, I really wouldn’t want to change anything,” he said.

“I’m okay with the curriculum because it involves high level thinking,” he said. “But I don’t understand their passion towards evolution.”


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Biology major shares enthusiasm for learning