Tresca on the Oscars, part 3

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The Revenant

The Hateful Eight


Mad Max: Fury Road

Snubbed: I do not think that the Academy missed out on any one here. Every single one of these

is the deserving nominee.

Who Should Win: Can we please just pull a Mean Girls move and share the prize with all of the

nominees? I loved the look and feel of the 70-millimeter film in The Hateful Eight, but the

natural lighting and seemingly no cuts in The Revenant is just gorgeous. I would be ok with

either of those winning.

Who Will Win: The Academy award is probably going to the man who has won the award for

the last two years in a row, Emmanuel Lubezki for The Revenant. The only way he would not

win is if they do not want to give the award to the guy for the 3rd year in a row. If that is the case,

then The Hateful Eight is next in line to take the award.



The Big Short-Adam Mckay

Room- Lenny Abrahamson

Mad Max: Fury Road- Geroge Miller

The Revenant- Alejendro G. Inaritu

Spotlight- Tom McCarthy

Snubbed: Sorry, Ridley Scott. Enjoy your Golden Globe, but the Academy does not even think

you are worthy of a nomination. Ridley Scott for The Martian was actually the dark horse

predicted to win the award. To not see a nomination for him is a little strange. I loved John

Crowley’s direction for Brooklyn, even though I knew not to get my hopes for him to be

nominated, but I can dream, can I not?

Who Should Win: Lenny Abrahamson should win for Room. He was able to capture the

claustrophobic feeling of being trapped in a room for seven years and was able to get absolutely

incredible performances from every one of his actors. Another worthy winner would be Tom

McCarthy’s direction for Spotlight.

Who Will Win: Right now it is between The Revenant and Spotlight for best director, and I will

only be happy with one of them. If Alejendro G. Inaritu wins for The Revenant, which I predict

it will, I will flip a table.


Best Original Screenplay:

Bridge of Spies

Ex Machina


Straight Outta Compton

Inside Out

Snubbed: Where the devil is Quentin Tarantino for The Hateful Eight? The Hateful Eight is

arguably his best screenplay yet, and to see him not even get a nomination is garbage. Show

Quentin some love.

Who Should Win: The Hateful Eight should win, but if I have to pick one of these, then I’m

going to have to go with Ex Machina. That screenplay was so psychological and complex. It was

filled with excellent twists and turns and a truly startling ending.

Who Will Win: Spotlight pretty much has this one in the bag. It was not a very showy

screenplay, which would normally hurt its award chances, but it was just so brilliantly written

that the Academy just has to give them the award.

Best Adapted Screenplay:

The Big Short



The Martian


Snubbed: Where is Aaron Sorkin for Steve Jobs? I cannot believe we have another huge snub in

the screenplay category. The absolute best part of Steve Jobs was its cleverly formatted layout

and its sharply written dialogue. This is another ridiculous move on the Academy’s part.

Who Should Win: This is an overall strong category, excluding Carol, so picking a winner here

is tricky. The two I liked the most is The Big Short and The Martian. Both are sharply written

and have great structuring, I would not be upset if either of them took home the gold.

Who Will Win: This will be The Martian’s only win of the night. The script has the perfect

blend of comedic elements and hefty dramatic moments to warrant the Academy giving them the


Original Score:

Bridge of Spies


The Hateful Eight


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Snubbed: It is interesting to see The Revenant’s extremely high impact and very exciting score

left out. Although overall, this is another extremely strong category.

Who Should Win: The clear winner in the category is The Hateful Eight. It was both a

throwback to classic westerns as well as a truly original, fun, and quite pulse pounding score.

Who Will Win: If the Academy allows nostalgia to factor into their vote, then Star Wars: The

Force Awakens will definitely win. I doubt that will be the case though, so expect a win for The

Hateful Eight.

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Tresca on the Oscars, part 3