‘Charlie Brown’ to open in January

Steven Le, staff writer

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“Once Upon A Mattress” has been canceled and the musical was switched to “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” Cast members’ schedules conflicting with rehearsal times caused the change.

The cast will perform the new musical in January in the Multi-Purpose Building.

“Even though we couldn’t show a great musical, Charlie Brown is a fun and sweet musical that meets the tastes of a wide range of audiences.” Kay Lamb, the drama teacher said.

The new play will have seven people in the cast, almost half of the original cast members.

“A smaller cast makes it easier to get everyone together to rehearse. Also, I chose Charlie Brown because it requires a smaller cast.” Lamb said

Auditions were on after school. Practice dates have yet to be chosen.

“We just want to get accustomed with the new play and quick. The deadline is close, and we’ve got to get a move on to meet it,” The drama teacher said.

“You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” will be an hour long and cut into two parts.

“Since this play is shorter, things will be smoother. Also, since there is a smaller cast, we can work on individual skills and weaknesses, making this a win/win for everyone.” Lamb said. “Even though we’re just now beginning, I can tell we’re going to meet deadlines because of our cast’s motivation and energy.”

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‘Charlie Brown’ to open in January